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Who should you name as a guardian for your disabled child?

Caring for your child with special needs might feel like a responsibility only you can do. The thought of someone taking over for you could cause you to feel angst.

However, knowing that someone you trust has agreed to care for your child in an emergency situation might alleviate a lot of uncertainty about the future.

Someone empathic

Caring for a child with special needs requires empathy, patience and awareness. While you may confidently provide for your child given the unique circumstances a disability brings, not everyone has the same ability. When selecting a caregiver for your child, look for individuals who demonstrate empathy. You will want to rely on someone who knows your child, knows you and understands how deeply you care for your child’s well-being.

Consider people in your circle. Does anyone stand out as someone who has experience helping you care for your child? Is your child drawn to any one person? Has anyone expressed interest in helping you care for your child? These observations might help you narrow down your list of candidates.

Someone responsible

Taking over the responsibility of caring for a special needs child will not be easy. You will want to make sure the person you choose has a demonstrated history of responsibility. According to John Hopkins Medicine, caregiving duties may include everything from monitoring medications to helping with daily hygiene. Picking a responsible person will contribute to the protection and comfort of your child.

Remember to update your estate plan as needed to keep it functional as your life changes. If you decide to change your named guardian at any time, make sure to update all applicable legal documentation.