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What traits should you look for when choosing a good executor?

When you first decide to write out your will, you may feel overwhelmed at the idea of choosing a person who will oversee your final wishes after your death.

You may wonder what the significance of this role is. In order to find the best fit possible for the role, you could think seriously about what traits and type of knowledge this person should have.

Viewing the person as responsible

According to Kiplinger, one major aspect of this person’s personality should be the ability to be serious when needed. If you choose someone who cannot follow deadlines or communicate respectfully with the courts and other officials, then they may not properly file important papers.

This is a serious issue since the executor is the one who pays off debts and distributes assets and heirlooms.

Worrying about the location

One issue you may assume will exclude certain people is the closeness of the person’s house or living space to yours. When they live far away, it could feel hard to talk or complete the responsibilities of an executor.

However, this is not typically a serious issue for many people, especially if they are otherwise a fitting person for the job. The executor can perform their legal duties without traveling.

Keeping the peace

Beyond the formal aspects of being an executor, this person should also know how to talk to your family members. Being able to stop potential fights and disagreements is an important skill due to the personal subject matter of inheritances.

When you think about the duties of an executor, you should be able to have an idea of the kind of person you hope to choose. Knowing more about this job can help you understand why choosing an excellent executor is important.