Pursuing Peace Of Mind For You And Your Family

What is elder law?

As its name implies, elder law is the branch of law that deals with any of the issues you face as an older adult.

FindLaw explains that, for instance, elder law includes such things as the following:

  • Estate planning
  • Health care planning
  • Elder abuse and injury
  • Elder rights

Estate planning

If you are like most people, you accumulate more assets the older you become. An elder law attorney can help you preserve and ultimately distribute your wealth through such means as the following:

  • Creating your last will and testament
  • Creating one or more trusts
  • Creating a comprehensive estate plan that helps you avoid probate and minimize your estate tax

Health care planning

As part of your overall estate plan, your elder law attorney can help you add the following:

  • A living will
  • An advance health care directive
  • A health care power of attorney

Elder abuse and injury

Unfortunately, abuse of and injury to elder people occur all too frequently. Your elder law attorney becomes your first line of defense against such occurrences. He or she can serve as not only your advocate, but also as your means of suing anyone who attempts, with or without success, to abuse or injure you.

Elder rights

As an older adult, you have numerous rights, including the following:

  • Right to a safe living environment
  • Right to dignity as an individual
  • Right to privacy
  • Right to assistance from Medicare or Medicaid

All told, elder law includes legal assistance in all of the above-mentioned areas. That is why your best interests dictate that you establish a relationship with an attorney whose practice includes elder law sooner rather than later. That way, he or she will be there when you need him or her the most.