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3 tips for talking to your parents about Medicaid

As your parents age, you may need to have discussions about critical matters like health care.

For many older people in Florida, affordability is a major concern when considering health insurance options. Medicaid can ensure that your parents receive the care they need. You can help by talking to your parents about Medicaid.

Start the conversation early

In Florida, people who meet the income requirements are eligible for Medicaid at age 65. Initiating the conversation about Medicaid before your parents reach the age of eligibility can help ensure a smooth transition once they are ready to apply.

Research coverage options ahead of time

Before initiating the conversation, you should review the eligibility requirements to ensure that your parents qualify. You should also take a look at the services that Medicaid covers.

When broaching the subject of Medicaid with your parents, ensure that you are all on the same page regarding their needs and preferences. Many older people have well-established relationships with their healthcare providers and are reluctant to switch, especially if their health needs are complex. Be ready to do some research to ensure that your parents’ providers are in-network or to find an in-network provider who can meet their needs.

Prepare to address myths and misconceptions

You may need to dispel misconceptions that your parents have about Medicaid. For example, many seniors believe that owning a home disqualifies them from receiving Medicaid. However, under current Florida law as of 2022, your parents’ home is a protected asset as long as the equity is $636,000 or less.

Navigating Medicaid can be confusing. Preparing ahead of time can help you have a productive conversation with your parents about their healthcare options.