Do you need a care plan for special needs adults?

While some special needs adults may be able to live independently, others may need more care. You should create a care plan for your child’s adult life.

Special needs adults all have different capabilities, and you need to make sure your plan takes your child’s situation into consideration. According to the Florida Department of Children and Families, special needs adults qualify for programs with the Adult Protective Services. These programs provide assistance for adults between the ages of 18 and 59 who cannot live by themselves. There are two kinds of care you may consider.

Part-time care

Sometimes, a special needs adult may be capable of performing several kinds of daily tasks but be unable to live alone. In this situation, your child may receive community care. This care may consist of several different services:

  • Escort service so that your son or daughter can leave the house
  • Adult day care so that your child can perform activities with other people
  • Homemaker service so that someone can help your child with household tasks
  • Personal care so that your child receives assistance with grooming and dressing

These services allow your son or daughter to have some independence while accounting for the areas in which he or she will need help.

Full-time care

Special needs adults may sometimes have a disability that requires constant care. However, you may want to keep your child at home with you instead of sending him or her to a nursing home. In this situation, your family may qualify for home care. Home care allows you to receive case management services so that you have a care team. Additionally, these programs allow caregivers to receive a subsidy so that they can cover the costs of their adult child’s needs.

You should start planning for your child’s adult life while your child is still young. Some services may have waiting lists, and you should have these services lined up so that they are ready when your child needs them.

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