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Our Estate Planning and Elder Law Books & Reports

These e-Books and Reports are written in plain language and provide useful information for people needing to understand Medicaid and VA benefits for seniors, Florida Probate and Guardianship, Estate Planning, and Planning for Children with Special Needs. Click on the link, follow the instructions, and you will have the e-Book and reports downloaded to your computer in seconds!

Frequently Asked Questions About Florida Probate. A practical guide to some of the common questions about probate.

FREE report containing FAQs and answers about Florida Probate!

A practical guide to some common questions about probate in Florida. Summary vs Probate Administration. When is Probate needed? Does a will avoid Probate?

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Guide To Estate Planning Basics

FREE report answering FAQs about estate planning

Get answers to commonly asked questions. Understand our approach to Estate Planning. Understand the costs and be prepared for an Estate Planning Consultation.

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Report on Frequently Asked Questions About Florida Guardianship

FREE report about the guardianship process in Florida

If you are incapacitated and don’t have estate planning documents or they are defective, you may need a guardian appointed by the court

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E-book on How to get the most out of the aid and attendance program

How to Get the Most Out of the Aid and Attendance Program

Veterans who are senior citizens and are struggling to get the support services they need may qualify for this program. Request our free e-book to learn more.

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Special Report on Medicaid Planning

Tips to Navigate the Complex Medicaid Federal and State Rules

You may be surprised to learn that seniors can qualify for Medicaid benefits to help with long-term care with careful planning. Read my book to find out how.

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Guide To Special Needs Planning

The Guide to Special Needs Planning

Plan for your children with developmental disabilities, such as autism, Down syndrome, or cerebral palsy and legally get access to government benefits

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