Has your child been diagnosed with autism, Down syndrome, or any other developmental disability?

If so you need to learn how to navigate the complex rules of guardianship, guardian advocate, social security, and Medicaid.  People diagnosed with developmental disability face a myriad of legal and financial issues which you need to become familiar with especially as they age.  For example:

  • Who will make medical and financial decisions for them when they attained 18 years of age?
  • How can you assure that your child with developmental disability is provided for financially in the event that you die?
  • How can you prevent losing government benefits while leaving an inheritance to your child with special needs?
  • Do I have to disinherit my child with special needs in order to protect his or her SSI and Medicaid?

Our workshops will answer most of these questions and much more.  They offer an opportunity to learn how to be prepared legally and financially to face the issues concerning the life of a person with special needs.   

At our free workshops, you will discover:

  • How guardianship and guardian advocates can help you appoint trusted decision-makers for your child with special needs
  • How special needs trust can help you protect government benefits such as SSI and Medicaid while giving an inheritance to your special needs child or in the event of a legal settlement
  • Why it is dangerous and not recommended to disinherit a child with special needs
  • How to coordinate financial and legal planning for your child with special needs
  • How to incorporate special counselors and tutors in the process.
  • And much more!

Our workshops are FREE of charge, but seating is limited. You can reserve your spot by clicking on a button to RSVP for any of the workshops shown here, or call our office at (954) 532-9447.

We're looking forward to seeing you there!

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