Free informational workshops hosted by Elder Law and Estate Planning Attorney, Horacio Sosa, Esq.

We offer free monthly workshops on topics such Basic and Advanced Estate Planning, Elder Care and Asset Protection for Seniors, and Planning for People with Special Needs. 

Why?  Think about it . . . you want to learn more about wills, trusts, Medicaid for the Elderly, or benefits for your child with special needs and you ask Dr. Google to help you out. 

Your query yields tons of results and articles and most of them give you different and conflicting advice.  You get results about New York law, Texas law, and other states.  “Does that apply to Florida?”  You also wonder if what you are reading is still applicable and has not changed.  “Is this still the law?” 

Then, you talk to your friends who tell you that what you read is not true and that they went to see an attorney and the attorney recommended Y and not Z.  Or another person tells you that you will lose your home or that the state is going to take your kid if you don’t have a will!

Estate Planning, Elder Law, and Special Needs Planning are complex areas of law.  In most cases, federal law and Florida law may apply to your particular issue.  For example, Medicaid is a federal program managed by the states;  But Florida Medicaid regulations may be different from New York Medicaid regulations.  Wills, trusts, and powers of attorney are regulated by Florida laws but estate taxes are governed by federal law (Florida does not have estate taxes while other states do have estate taxes).  A form obtained from the internet that follows New York law may be ineffective in Florida.  Probate and guardianship rules vary from state to state.

So, if you ask yourself “I read that  . . . . .” or “somebody told me that . . . .” or “I thought that . . . .” or “I got this free will or trust or power of attorney from the Internet but  . . . . .” and you are not sure about the answer according to current Florida law, you need to attend our workshops!  These free workshops are designed to provide basic information to the public about our practice areas.  We believe that workshops are excellent venues to help potential clients make informed decisions. 

When potential clients attend our workshops they are better prepared and informed about hidden issues they never considered before (“you don’t know what you don’t know”).  Potential clients can also become more familiar about our practice, our staff, our office, and our systems and processes.  We find that clients are at ease in their first consultation when they attend our workshops. 

Please don’t fall for the idea that by doing nothing problems will fix themselves.  You need to know what will happen if you decide not to do any planning.  You need to know the costs of doing nothing.  If after getting all the information you still think it is a good idea not to plan, then fine.  But make sure you and your family understand the costs, the time, and the complications associated with procrastination.

Below you will find the links to the different workshops we offer.  Please click on the workshop that interests you the most and register to attend. 

WARNING: Space is limited and these LIVE trainings always fill up because they are significantly better than the information others charge you thousands for… even though they are FREE.

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