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Many lawyers provide nuts and bolts of estate planning and other legal issues. Truth be told, you can get a lot of practical, useful information for free (or for a small fee) from the internet. However, the answers you need may not be cut and dry and available in the form of “if A, do X; if B, do Y.” To get a handle on what you should be doing, when, how and why, you need a client-centered approach, like the one our Florida elder law and estate planning law firm offers. Contact us online or call us at 954-361-8966 for assistance with your elder law, Medicaid benefits, estate planning, special needs planning, guardianship and estate administration needs.

About Us

Our highly qualified South Florida elder law and estate planning attorney has years of experience compassionately helping families, seniors, immigrants, and those with special needs transform challenging experiences and obtain much-needed peace of mind. Our clients – whether they’re business owners, same-sex couples, recent immigrants or a family going through a complex transition after a second marriage – all share the very human need to protect those they love – their spouses, children, parents and loyal employees – from the struggle. Typically, our clients come to us at very low points in their lives. They are confused. They need help. They may be struggling with financial and medical problems or grieving over the loss or incapacitation of a loved one. We can help you solve problems like the following:

  • Your mother’s health is failing, and you need to figure out how to get her into a nursing home or assisted living facility or obtain Medicaid benefits.
  • You’re the parent of a child with special needs, such as autism, Down syndrome or Asperger’s syndrome, facing a potential loss of public benefits.
  • You want to avoid or mitigate legal problems stemming from bankruptcy, divorce, creditor claims, guardianship proceedings, estate tax administration or senior planning.

These challenges can feel like a nightmare, but we can help you wake up from that nightmare.


Our Mission Is Simple: Help People Reclaim Peace Of Mind

We at Horacio Sosa, P.A., address both the symptoms and the core problems causing those symptoms. The uncertainty that flows from poor planning can cause stress. Per our experience, when clients finally get a detailed game plan, they often feel a rush of serenity. We spend time really thinking about our clients’ goals, wishes, fears and frustrations. Our goal is not simply to help you check off a few forms and be on your way. We want to know your values, your goals, your needs and your concerns because every estate planning or administration circumstance is unique. A strategy or tactic that might make sense for one client might be totally inappropriate for another.


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You may be surprised to learn that seniors can qualify for Medicaid benefits to help with long-term care with careful planning. Our Florida Bar board-certified specialist in elder law can help you learn how. We also offer tips in navigating probate and estate planning.

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Horacio Sosa
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What Our Client Says

“Horacio Sosa is a top notch Elder Law attorney. I had the good fortune to meet him at a seminar he provided on Elder Law and Estate Planning in 2015. Shortly thereafter my 91 year old Aunt was in need of his expertise.” - Gilbert Garcia, Jr.
“El abogado conoce muy bien su trabajo y creo que eso se debe a los conocimientos adquiridos en sus prestigiosas o universidades pero más aún se debe a su experiencia, desde el principio supo guiarme y pudo hacer…” - Jose Esquivel Arzamendia

Meet Horacio Sosa

Growing up in Paraguay in a family of lawyers, Horacio developed a deep respect for the legal profession and its role in serving the community. His father, a prestigious attorney in Paraguay and former Supreme Court justice, taught him the importance of practicing law in an honest, ethical and efficient manner and, above all, treating people with respect.”

“We are a law firm with a heart. My clients are people, not projects or paperwork. We take the time to listen to our clients, to understand their family dynamics, their children, their money and their legacy.” –
Attorney Horacio Sosa

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Providing The Guidance You Need Until The Problem Is Resolved

Whether you are considering a trust as part of your own estate plan, helping an elderly parent obtain Medicaid benefits, struggling to get veterans benefits to pay for care, or unraveling a complex probate mess, you want a clear and strategic path forward. We can help you resolve the various legal issues causing you stress and anxiety. Located in Davie, Florida, Horacio and his team serve the residents of communities throughout Broward County. We are also happy to work with out-of-state family members as they assist their elderly loved ones.

At Horacio Sosa, P.A.., we know that you may feel intimidated by the thought of working with an attorney, so the team strives to make this interaction as painless as possible. We guide you through each step of the process, communicate with you clearly and help you make informed decisions. Our goal is to eliminate your stress and resolve your issue.

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