Why Should I Hire You And Not Another Law Firm?

We believe there is no single quality that would make one law firm different from the other. So, in answering the question of what makes us different or why should I hire you and not someone else we believe that we possess a combination of unique qualifications that makes us who we are. They are the following:

  • Knowledge, Experience and Ethics – Our attorney Horacio Sosa is a Florida Bar Board Specialist in Elder Law. His knowledge has been tested by the Florida Bar, which awarded him with the highest distinction a lawyer in Florida can obtain – becoming a Florida Bar Board Specialist in Elder Law. This distinction also attests to the experience and ethics of an attorney. In other words, we know what we are doing and we know what we are talking about.
  • Bilingual and Bicultural – South Florida is multilingual and multicultural. Our stuff is 100% bilingual. Most of us lived and worked in South America, and also obtained degrees from our country’s universities. This is very important for our clients as we are able to counsel our clients in their own language and we are able to understand cultural sensitiveness.
  • Client-centered approach – We focus on clients’ ultimate goals and what they trying to accomplish. We don’t give a form just because you call our office and ask for a form. For example, sometimes potential clients call our office and ask for a will. We ask them, “why do you think you need a will?” And then we start a conversation, and we explain what a will does and what the pros and cons of a will are. We also explain alternatives to a will. Before we give you a solution, we first ascertain your goals. Only once we are sure about your goals and objectives, then we give you the solution.
  • We really listen even before you come to see us – Coming to see a lawyer can be intimidating. With that in mind, we work hard on making the process to come to talk to us very easy. So, we prepare videos, reports, articles, books, and newsletters that answer your questions even before you come for a consultation. Make sure you also check the testimonials that our clients left us about our communication skills.
  • Responsive – We know this can be a touchy issue and that a lot of law firms make promises about returning phone calls and emails promptly. We really make every effort on implementing proper policies and procedures in order to be responsive. To that end, we use technology including texts, emails, and remote answering companies in order to efficiently communicate with you. Also, refer to our testimonials to hear from our past clients how we communicate with them.
  • Clear and fair billing process. We try to be fair with you. We set up the proper billing policy depending on the matter. We prefer flat billing. But when we cannot do flat billing, we explain to you clearly how we bill. We also explain pricing thoroughly, so you understand the true cost of doing one thing over the other.

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